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Miss Lydia has the answers to many of your questions about cats; after all, she is one herself. Lydia is well known to visitors of the Cats Angels Adoption Center. She has been there over six years. People come in frequently to quietly sit and talk with her. We wondered just what was going on, but now we know. Lydia was sharing her Life Lessons and now she wants to share them with you. Please enjoy Lydia’s answers to life’s most pertinent questions and our Frequently Asked Questions. Miss Lydia also answers your specific questions through her email address: misslydia2010@gmail.com

Miss Lydia only checks her email once a week.  If you have an urgent question, or situation please use the human email at catsangels@catsangels.com.

My kitten never goes outdoors—she is a complete housecat. Is spaying/neutering really that important?

Lydia: Honey I can not impress on you the importance of having your furry child spayed/neutered. It is so important, and in these modern times doctors can do the surgery as early as 12 weeks of age. The little darlings recovery so quickly when they are young. And not only will you avoid unwanted pregnancies, but you will eliminate several horrible forms of cancer that can plague un-altered felines. And believe me the last thing you want in your house is a lady kitty in heat or a gentleman kitty trying to “sow some wild oats”.

I have seen several fleas on my cat… is that normal?

Lydia: Fleas!!!! Oh I just hate those little blood suckers! Although we live in the south fleas can be controlled by applying monthly flea treatment to your feline friends and having your home and yard sprayed by a professional pest control company. There are several different brands to choose from and your Veterinarian can help you choose the right one for you. Petsmart and Petco also sell vet approved flea control in monthly packages. But beware my human friends… the ones you purchase at your local discount store or grocery store can be deadly. The side affects from those cheaper products (including flea collars) are severe to say the least, and they simply don’t work. So not only are you putting her pet’s life on the line, you are wasting your hard earned money as well.

I am thinking of adding a new cat to my family, where can I meet some of your friends?

Lydia: I am so glad you asked. Cats Angels kitties are available at several locations. Our adoption center is one. It is located at 709 South 8th Street right here on beautiful Amelia Island. We also have kitties available for adoption at Petco (located in Yulee in the Target shopping center) and The Town Center Petsmart located just off John Turner Butler Blvd in Jacksonville. And you can view these great cats on www.petfinder.com The adoption process is pretty easy. You will be asked to fill out an adoption application. You will then be asked some questions by one of the human volunteers to help you decide which of our friends may fit with your family the best. Now sometimes the humans may ask that you list a veterinarian reference so they can call and make sure you are a good pet parent. Don’t take offense to this… they simply want to make sure the kitty that the volunteers have put so much time and heart into is going to a good home. Now sometimes the adoption simply doesn’t work out. Don’t fret! Each cat has his or her own personality and we need to find just the right fit for you. If for some reason you new family member isn’t working out don’t be afraid to call. The humans want everyone to find the perfect home and if there is a problem they need to know.

We just got a new puppy from a friend and want to have her spayed, but we just don’t have the money. Do you have any suggestions?

Lydia: Well I happen to have a few friends over at First Coast No More Homeless Pets who may be able to help with that. Their number is 904-425-0005. Or you can go to their webpage at www.fcnmhp.org. They are good folks and can help you out. If for some reason you don’t meet their program requirements, contact Cats Angels and we will help you.

My cat got out and got pregnant. Now I have 5 kittens! I want to keep the mom kitty but can’t keep all of the little ones. Can Cats Angels help?

Lydia: This is exactly why you should have your cat altered early in life. Cats Angels can help you have mom and babies spayed/neutered, but they simply can’t take in all the kittens that are brought to their attention. If you have the kittens fixed when they are old enough you will be able to place them in homes much easier. The mom can be spayed when the babies are eating solid food on their own. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO MAKE THAT CALL! Cats Angels can help.


Miss Lydia ponders a question.


Sharing Life Lessons can be exhausting and sometimes requires a catnap.

Even though Miss Lydia is a celebrity here, she is hoping
for a forever home of her own.